September 2021

A Musician’s Guide to Online Advertising | DIY Musician

The internet and how music can be promoted through it can sometime seem like a rabbit hole that never ends but thanks to articles such as this from the guys at CD Baby, music marketing and promotion through online advertising will seem a little less mysterious. The overall reason for effective online advertising is listed […]

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Songs Today Are Short And Here’s Why

This is a great example of how technology is changing the very fabric of how music is listened to and consumed these days. Songs today are shorter than ever with some coming in at even under 2 minutes. That doesn’t mean that they’re any better or worse than what came before, but it’s worth noting […]

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What Not To Do When Writing Your Bio

I don’t know anyone who is a songwriter, musician or any other creative for that matter who likes writing a bio or at the very least talking about themselves in a positive way. This article from the ReverbNation blog demonstrates how important a well written bio is for your career. The article states that… A […]

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All About Music Business – What’s It All About?

Hi there, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and blogger from Australia and for me, the music business is this wonderful industry that has given me so much in my 30 plus years that I’ve been involved. Quite simply, music, the business of music and networking with the industries that are involved […]

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