October 2021

Are Music Magazines Dead?: The Demise Of Print Magazines, Explained

I used to be part of a free music magazine in Adelaide called BSide Magazine. Every week was a hard slog to get everything done by the deadlines imposed on you plus getting advertising spots filled then getting the advertisers to pay… In the AmplifyYou article Are music magazines dead?: The demise of print magazines, […]

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4 Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself As A Musician

I’ve personally have gone through a re-investing in myself stage when it comes to gear and education and I can say first-hand that taking a punt on yourself and investing in YOU is the best thing you can do for your career. The article “4 Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself As A Musician” which […]

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Ex-Stream Measures: Spotify Clamps Down On ‘artificial Plays’

I find it amazing the amount of emphasis that has been placed on the actions of social media users to determine the value or worth of an artist. Whether it be called likes, shares, streams, subscribers or whatever a platform calls it, these user actions can be bought and sold, manipulated and fraudulently acquired. Just […]

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