How Different Types of Music Affect Student Learning

I tend to do my work in silence but from time to time I put on some music in the background and I find that my focus is a lot clearer and distractions become less… Distracting.

My preference is more ambient music, music that doesn’t get in the way of my concentration but when it comes to a preference in music to study or work to, it’s different strokes for different folks.

In the recent post on the Last Minute Musicians Blog titled “How Different Types Of Music Affect Student Learning,” it states that…

You’re probably aware that music can influence your attitude, activity level, and drive if you’ve ever turned up the music to liven up your Saturday home cleaning. But do you know how music impacts us from a scientific perspective? And did you know that studying while playing music has multiple advantages?

After reading this blog post I certainly became familiar with the different impacts and advantages.

Source: How Different Types of Music Affect Student Learning – Last Minute Musicians Blog

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