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Global recorded music revenues grew by 9.8% in 2023 | Music Industry Blog

Growth is back! After a slower 2022, global recorded music revenues grew by 9.8% in 2023 to reach $35.1 billion, compared to 7.1% in 2022, which means that the market is now more than double (124.5%) the size it was in 2015. 2023 emerged as a year of robust growth and significant transformation in the […]


Recording Industry’s Radio ‘Cap’ Debate Reaches Canberra

Captains of the record industry gathered in the nation’s capital on March 7 to lend their support for legislation that would remove the “capped” fee that is payable to rights holders in sound recordings when music is played on commercial and ABC radio. In the heart of Canberra, a pivotal debate unfolds, capturing the attention […]


9 music trends that you can expect to see in 2024 | Native Instruments Blog

As we tune into 2024, the music industry continues to resonate with plenty of innovation and transformation. But, what exactly does the next iteration of this bustling industry look like? As we step into 2024, the music industry is poised for a wave of innovation and transformation, reshaping how music is created, consumed, and experienced. […]

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Unlocking Success for Musicians in the Work-from-Home Era || Dotted Music

Adapting to remote work opportunities is now a necessity in the ever-evolving music industry. Embrace these strategies to thrive in the digital era The article from Dotted Music, titled “Unlocking Success for Musicians in the Work-from-Home Era,” provides a comprehensive guide for musicians navigating the digital landscape of the music industry. Here’s a summary of […]


Ultimate Guide to Music Investors | Disc Makers

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re years into the game, we musicians all know one thing for sure: it costs money to do what we do. As an independent artist, relying on streaming platforms and music royalties might not be a sufficient revenue stream to further your career. The article on Disc Makers Blog, […]

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Success In The Music Industry Is Not A Universal Constant

Success is such a subjective term, particularly so in the music industry. What counts as success varies dramatically from one artist to another. Does success mean playing to sell-out crowds in the world’s most famous venues? Or is it about achieving personal creative fulfilment, regardless of fame or wealth? The fact is that there’s no […]

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From Phonographs to Spotify: A Timeline of the Music Industry

Music has always been an integral part of human culture and society. It stirs our emotions, marks our milestones, and narrates our stories. But the way we create, distribute, and listen to music has drastically evolved over time. The music industry, as we know it today, has come a long way from its origins and […]