June 2024


Music Marketing for Independent Musicians: The 2024 Guide

At the most basic level, music marketing is the process of reaching new fans and distributing and selling your music. This includes everything from your brand reputation and positioning to creating content, building an email list, and engaging with fans on social media platforms. Navigating the music industry as an independent artist can be challenging, […]


Creating a Onesheet for your music: 8 tips for success

Artists need resources to help promote their work and propel their careers forward. A musician’s website typically holds all the content (and context) about their musical evolution, spanning past, present, and upcoming projects. In this article for Bandzoogle the author demonstrates that a Onesheet is a promotional tool that highlights a specific music project to […]


How to land more artistic opportunities: the magic of conversations.

The music industry is a people business, and the more you engage in the right kinds of conversations, the more opportunities you will land for yourself.So, what conversations should you be having? This article from Bandzoogle Blog, emphasizes the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations within the music industry to unlock more opportunities. Here are […]


What is a Deluxe Album (and How To Release One).

For artists with a steady fan base, deluxe albums can be a profitable higher-end product to sell and a great way to release more music. This article from Disc Makers confirms that a deluxe album is an extended version of a standard album that includes unreleased tracks, live performances, alternate versions, and other additional content. […]

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Top Music Marketing Tips Post Release

Here it is – Your BIG RELEASE day! And then – *poof” … there it goes. Yup. It’s already tomorrow. It’s already next week. Now, it’s next month. Maybe you had an epic first week?! Or maybe your single, EP or album was released to crickets (or worse than that … microbes. Hey, it happens). […]