How to land more artistic opportunities: the magic of conversations.

The music industry is a people business, and the more you engage in the right kinds of conversations, the more opportunities you will land for yourself.So, what conversations should you be having?

This article from Bandzoogle Blog, emphasizes the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations within the music industry to unlock more opportunities. Here are the key points covered:

  1. Open Mic Hosts and Attendees:
    • Building relationships at open mics is crucial. Performances matter, but networking can lead to future opportunities.
    • Consistently attending open mics, offering compliments, and exchanging contact information with hosts and performers can result in significant gig revenue.
  2. Band Leaders:
    • Networking with local band leaders is beneficial as they have insights into the local music scene and venue information.
    • Being in touch with band leaders can lead to gig recommendations, filling in for band members, or even joining their band.
  3. Bloggers, Podcasters, and YouTubers:
    • Connecting with local content creators can lead to publicity. Offering interesting discussion points can create opportunities for interviews or collaborations.
    • Promoting these collaborations can lead to further recognition and publicity.
  4. Studio Owners and Producers:
    • Establishing connections with producers can lead to discounts, collaborations, and performance opportunities.
    • Producers, often being musicians themselves, can offer various opportunities if they are familiar with your work.
  5. Photographers, Videographers, and Stylists:
    • Building relationships with visual media professionals can help with branding, creating Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), and discovering new opportunities.
    • Visual media experts can enhance your artistic presence and connect you with other industry professionals.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Every connection made within the industry is beneficial. While some may be less helpful, most people are willing to share their expertise.
  • Engaging in conversations, being a good listener, and fostering connections can significantly open doors in the music industry.

Source: How to land more artistic opportunities: the magic of conversations | Bandzoogle Blog

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