Music Distribution


How To Navigate a Distribution Deal for Music | Disc Makers

Historically speaking, artists have needed assistance getting their music into people’s hands. Enter the music distributor! The article “How To Navigate a Distribution Deal for Music” by Chris Huff on Disc Makers Blog delves into the evolving landscape of music distribution and how independent artists can effectively navigate it. Traditionally, music distributors acted as intermediaries […]


Bandcamp & SoundCloud are NOT enough (Why you need music distribution)

I’ve been around long enough to guarantee one thing: YOU might only be in one place, but your potential fans are NOT. In the insightful article “Bandcamp & SoundCloud are NOT enough (Why you need music distribution)” by Chris Robley on the ReverbNation Blog, a compelling argument is made against the limitation of distributing music […]


How Often Should I Release Music? | Two Story Melody

Today’s Big Question: how often should you, a musician working on gaining momentum, building an audience, and otherwise filling your big head full of steam, be releasing music? The article from Two Story Melody, “How Often Should I Release Music?”, delves into the nuances of music release frequency and strategy for artists aiming to build […]