March 2024


5 best Smart Link pages for musicians | Bandzoogle Blog

Smart Links are direct links to your music that can exist on any page of your website. You can use the Smart Links feature on a Music page promoting a new album, or create a standalone landing page to encourage fans from social media to play and buy your music. The article from Bandzoogle, titled […]


Time Management for Musicians – Cari Cole Voice & Music Co.

Time management is an art. Especially for musicians with a day job on top of their full-time music career. Where do you find the time and how do you manage everything that needs to be done without losing your mind? The article titled “Time Management for Musicians: How to Get More Done and Save Time […]


America’s Gen Z is embracing UK electronic music – Hypebot

As Gen Zers across America discover drum and bass, the question remains if other U.K. subgenres will follow this same trajectory, first pioneered by dubstep. The article titled “America’s Gen Z is embracing UK electronic music” by Alana Bonilla on Hypebot, explores the growing influence of UK electronic music, particularly drum and bass (DnB), among […]

Mahatma Gandhi(Father of the Nation)

10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Mahatma Gandhi

Hypebot is one of the best music business blogs going around at the moment and a great example of why is this article I found called “10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Gandhi.” Penned by former Hypebot senior writer Hisham Dahud, the article outlines ten music business fundamentals inspired by the life of  Mahatma Gandhi. Hisham is confident that the 10 music business […]

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Global recorded music revenues grew by 9.8% in 2023 | Music Industry Blog

Growth is back! After a slower 2022, global recorded music revenues grew by 9.8% in 2023 to reach $35.1 billion, compared to 7.1% in 2022, which means that the market is now more than double (124.5%) the size it was in 2015. 2023 emerged as a year of robust growth and significant transformation in the […]

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Why Merchandising is Essential for Music Companies » Reprtoir

Music businesses are always looking for unique ways of generating revenue. Currently, streams like streaming platforms and licensing are dominating the spotlight. However, amidst the focus on digital income, merchandise—which often gets pushed to the back—is one of the best methods of generating profit. In the bustling world of music, where digital streams and licensing […]

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Spotify Playlist Curators: Top 5 Websites to Reach a New Audience – EDMProd

In the world of music promotion, Spotify plays an absolute essential role and at the center of that world are playlist curators. These actors can get your song in front of thousands, if not million of people. But only if you do it right! In the current digital landscape, Spotify emerges as a pivotal platform […]


7 Strategies To Create A Buzz Around Your Music

From marketing to networking, these tips will help you cultivate a dedicated fanbase and develop a professional career in music. In the digital age, creating a buzz around your music is both an art and a science. Pete Callaghan, through his insightful article on Promoly, outlines seven strategic pillars that can elevate your music’s presence […]


Spotify Algorithm: The Ultimate Music Discovery Machine

Sure, you can spend your weekends crate digging at your local record store, or checking out music blog recommendations. But with the click of a button, music streaming services – from Spotify to Amazon Music – can tailor your music recommendations to a tee. In the digital age, music streaming services like Spotify have become […]


Recording Industry’s Radio ‘Cap’ Debate Reaches Canberra

Captains of the record industry gathered in the nation’s capital on March 7 to lend their support for legislation that would remove the “capped” fee that is payable to rights holders in sound recordings when music is played on commercial and ABC radio. In the heart of Canberra, a pivotal debate unfolds, capturing the attention […]