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Smart Links are direct links to your music that can exist on any page of your website. You can use the Smart Links feature on a Music page promoting a new album, or create a standalone landing page to encourage fans from social media to play and buy your music.

The article from Bandzoogle, titled “5 Best Smart Link Pages for Musicians,” outlines the significance and utility of Smart Links for independent musicians to enhance their music promotion and audience engagement. Smart Links consolidate streaming and purchase options on a musician’s website, offering a direct and professional way to connect fans with music. The article provides five strategies for leveraging Smart Links:

  1. Promoting New Music: It highlights how artists like Bomethius use Smart Links to promote new singles, allowing fans to stream or purchase music on preferred platforms, using engaging visuals and descriptions.
  2. Showcasing Back Catalog: It discusses the value of sharing a music catalog through Smart Links, as demonstrated by musician Steve Hartsoe, to help new fans explore an artist’s musical journey.
  3. Converting Followers into Fans: The article mentions how artists like Superknova optimize social media campaigns with Smart Links, creating a vibrant landing page to direct social media followers to their music on various platforms.
  4. Enhancing Electronic Press Kits (EPK): It explains how including Smart Links in an EPK, as done by Rozarc, can guide industry professionals to online reviews and information about an artist’s work.
  5. Organizing Pre-order and Pre-save Campaigns: The piece illustrates how artists like Val Merza use Smart Links to facilitate pre-orders and pre-saves for new releases, simplifying the process for fans to support upcoming projects.

Bandzoogle’s Smart Links tool is praised for its customizability and ease of integration into artists’ promotional strategies, underscoring its effectiveness in connecting with fans and industry professionals alike.

Source: 5 best Smart Link pages for musicians | Bandzoogle Blog

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