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Time Management for Musicians – Cari Cole Voice & Music Co.

Time management is an art. Especially for musicians with a day job on top of their full-time music career. Where do you find the time and how do you manage everything that needs to be done without losing your mind? The article titled “Time Management for Musicians: How to Get More Done and Save Time […]


How To Be Productive As A Musician

Completing projects is one of the hardest things as a musician but there are things you can do to turn your creations into regular results. The article from RouteNote Blog, titled “How to be productive as a musician,” offers practical advice for musicians struggling to turn their creative ideas into tangible results. It acknowledges the […]


9 questions to ask if you want to accomplish more in music.

Many people have asked me what it takes to be more productive in their musical pursuits. The truth of the matter is that this can depend a lot on the individual and their existing habits. The article “9 Questions to Ask if You Want to Accomplish More in Music” by David Andrew Wiebe on Bandzoogle […]


The Creative Power of a Stage Name.

Artist stage names run the gamut from run-of-the-mill to sublimely poetic to utterly ridiculous, but all serve useful purposes — they stick in audience’s memories and empower or inspire artists to create in different ways. The article from the Disc Makers Blog, titled “The creative power of a stage name,” written by Michael Gallant, explores […]


25 ways to make money with music | Native Instruments Blog

Have you ever asked yourself, “how do music artists make money?” You’re not alone. Venturing into the music realm with dreams of making it a full-time gig is a path many are vibing with these days. The Native Instruments Blog provides an insightful guide on how to make money with music, offering 25 diverse and […]

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic: Everybody’s Tour expressing how they feel about his lyrical music. This photo means a lot to me because Logic is one of my favorite rappers and catching this reaction from the fan reflects on how I was feeling during the concert!

The Theory Of 1000 True Fans: A New Paradigm for Music Success

In today’s digital era, the definition of success in the music industry is constantly evolving. While some musicians chase viral fame or a place on top of the charts, others are leveraging a more sustainable and arguably more fulfilling approach to thrive in their craft. Welcome to the concept of the 1000 True Fans, a […]

Crowd of people cheering at a live concert

The Importance Of Online And Offline Communities For Musicians

In the constantly evolving world of the music industry, artists are tasked with not only creating compelling and innovative music, but also building and maintaining a dedicated fanbase that will support their journey. While talent and creativity are undeniably crucial, the key to long-term sustainability often lies within a musician’s ability to establish and nurture […]