How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Musician – Symphonic Blog

The truth is, you’ve worked hard to get here. You do belong. No less than anyone else. You deserve all of this and more, and this post is here to help you remember that in times of doubt. The article “How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Musician” on Symphonic Blog addresses the pervasive issue […]

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The 100 best of albums of all time according to Apple Music

These are the 100 best albums of all time… at least, according to Apple Music based on cultural impact and quality rather than numbers. The RouteNote blog article lists the 100 best albums of all time, curated by Apple Music based on cultural impact and quality, not streaming numbers. The list includes a variety of […]

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How to Maximize Earnings in the Gig Economy as a Performing Musician

Learn how to make your music career financially rewarding with practical tips on budgeting, networking, and diversifying income streams in the gig economy. In today’s gig economy, performing musicians face unique challenges in maximizing their earnings. The article “How to Maximize Earnings in the Gig Economy as a Performing Musician” on Hypebot offers essential strategies […]

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10 Creative Sign-up Offers For Musicians To Grow A Mailing List – The Crafty Musician

Social media is great and all, but there’s something incredibly powerful about having a direct line to your fans through email. It’s personal, it’s direct, and best of all, it’s yours to control. But how do you get those precious email sign-ups in the first place? To successfully grow your mailing list, offering enticing sign-up […]


How To Better Understand Your Audience On Spotify – Symphonic Blog

It’s no big secret that Spotify offers some amazing tools for artists looking to grow their fanbase. These tools can help you see exactly how your fans are discovering and engaging with your music with detailed stats like Segments, Listener Conversion Metrics, and so much more. The article from Symphonic Blog delves into utilizing Spotify’s […]


Why Independent Artists Should Beware of Music Streaming Fraud

Streaming fraud is a serious problem in the music industry. In a world that’s obsessed with stats, it’s understandable why. But the issue runs deeper than just buying streams. Even if you decide to work with a service that claims to be legitimate, they might be using the same illegal methods you’re trying to avoid. […]

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How musicians can make money by focusing on fandom by Ariel Hyatt (Cyber PR)

Fans are the fuel that gets and keeps every career running, so it only makes sense that getting more of them will mean more money. Here’s how to get started… In the digital age, the music industry landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for artists striving to make a living from their […]


5 Steps To a Successful CD and Vinyl Album Release

Too many artists record and release their album without giving any thought to how to make it as successful as it could possibly be. The article from Disc Makers Blog, written by Tony van Veen, provides a structured guide on how to effectively prepare for an album release, focusing particularly on CD and vinyl formats. […]

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Challenges Artists Face in the Modern Streaming Era

In the current oversaturated music market, artists face endless challenges in getting their music heard on platforms like Spotify. In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, streaming platforms like Spotify have transformed how artists distribute their music and connect with audiences. However, this new era is not without its challenges. From the struggle for […]

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12 Proven Strategies for How to Book More Gigs

Booking gigs isn’t always easy, but with the right strategies, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent. Navigating the world of performance gigs can be challenging, yet immensely rewarding for artists eager to showcase their talents and expand their reach. Whether you’re a musician, comedian, or live performer, understanding the strategies that lead […]