The complete guide to selling your music online | Bandzoogle Blog

Whether you’re releasing a new album, EP, or launching a series of singles, you’ll want to have a plan in place to help you sell your music online. This will help ensure that people do hear it, and fans are able to support you by purchasing your songs. The article from Bandzoogle, titled “The complete […]


Bandcamp & SoundCloud are NOT enough (Why you need music distribution)

I’ve been around long enough to guarantee one thing: YOU might only be in one place, but your potential fans are NOT. In the insightful article “Bandcamp & SoundCloud are NOT enough (Why you need music distribution)” by Chris Robley on the ReverbNation Blog, a compelling argument is made against the limitation of distributing music […]


Aussie Music Dealt A ‘Devastating Blow’ On ABC Local Radio |

Anger is growing in the Australian music industry after revelations of music policy changes at ABC Local Radio. Statistics obtained by The Music show that a significant shift has occurred over the last few months at the national broadcaster, with opportunities for local music the biggest casualty. The Australian music industry is facing a significant […]


9 music trends that you can expect to see in 2024 | Native Instruments Blog

As we tune into 2024, the music industry continues to resonate with plenty of innovation and transformation. But, what exactly does the next iteration of this bustling industry look like? As we step into 2024, the music industry is poised for a wave of innovation and transformation, reshaping how music is created, consumed, and experienced. […]


Level up your music marketing game with these tools – RouteNote Blog

Take your music career up a level with these powerful marketing tools that are easy to use – some of them are even free! In the digital symphony of today’s music industry, the RouteNote Blog article “Level up your music marketing game with these tools” serves as a maestro’s guide, orchestrating a suite of powerful, […]


How To Be Productive As A Musician

Completing projects is one of the hardest things as a musician but there are things you can do to turn your creations into regular results. The article from RouteNote Blog, titled “How to be productive as a musician,” offers practical advice for musicians struggling to turn their creative ideas into tangible results. It acknowledges the […]


13 More Social Media Tips for Musicians (Part 2)

If you’re frustrated with your social media game, or just getting started, here are another 13 social media tips for you… The part 2 of a 2 part series blog article “13 (more) Social Media Tips for Musicians” by Bobby Borg on Disc Makers Blog provides a wealth of practical advice for musicians navigating the […]


Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician (Part 1)

Ready to make the most of social media as a musician for promotion and discovery? Here are 12 things you can do to start off on the right foot. The blog article titled “12 Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician” by Bobby Borg on Disc Makers Blog offers a comprehensive guide […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Music Promotion

Urban Dubz Music PR, a music promotion company from the UK have an extensive music promotion guide on their website that makes for some very interesting reading. Written by UK electronic music scene veteran and A&R director Jeremy Sylvester, “The Ultimate Guide To Music PR” covers a wide range of topics over 26 chapters in an easy to understand and […]


6 EPK Must-Haves – ReverbNation Blog

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times—having a good EPK can be the difference between getting the opportunity or not. So why then does it seem like so many artists lack such a fundamental piece of the puzzle? The blog post from ReverbNation emphasizes the critical importance of a well-crafted Electronic […]