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10 Ways to Make Money as a Musician in 2024

If you’ve never made money as a musician, this could be the year you join the ranks. Assuming the experience of trying to make some money this way doesn’t break you; maybe your goals grow to trying to make a full time living as an indie artist. The article from Two Story Melody, titled “10 […]


Festival Bookings: How to Get Booked at Music Festivals

Playing music festival stages is something that many artists and bands dream about. Not only is it a thrilling experience, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your music to new listeners and raise your profile. The article from AmplifyYou, titled “Festival Bookings: How to Get Booked at Music Festivals,” serves as a comprehensive guide […]

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10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Mahatma Gandhi

Hypebot is one of the best music business blogs going around at the moment and a great example of why is this article I found called “10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Gandhi.” Penned by former Hypebot senior writer Hisham Dahud, the article outlines ten music business fundamentals inspired by the life of  Mahatma Gandhi. Hisham is confident that the 10 music business […]


Music Streaming Trends to Watch for in 2024

2024 is finally here, and that means once again the industry is about to overflow with new tech, tools, trends and more. As an independent musician, that means you’ve got more to learn and even more to grow. To help you ride the wave of what’s to come, here are some of the biggest music […]


How To Set Better Goals As a Musician In 2024 – Symphonic Blog

2023 is finally a thing of the past! It’s been a long year, but it’s time to start looking towards the future. As a musician, it’s important to set goals for your career and create a plan to make them happen. The blog article titled “How to Set Goals as a Musician” by Randi Zimmerman […]


Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Essential Skills for Success

Negotiation is often understood as the process where two or more parties, bearing their individual aspirations and limitations in mind, communicate to find common ground and achieve a mutually beneficial result. The article from, titled “Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Essential Skills for Success,” offers a comprehensive guide on the art of negotiation, emphasizing […]


Artificial Intelligence and the music industry in 2023

Music industry experts CMU take a deep-dive look at everything that happened in AI and the music business during 2023. Bookmark this for later! The article from Complete Music Update, titled “Artificial Intelligence and the music industry in 2023,” authored by Chris Cooke, delves into the evolving relationship between AI and the music industry throughout […]


Budgeting Tips for Musicians

There is constant pressure for projects to go over budget. It’s a universal truth. Undertakings always cost more than anticipated. The consequences for going over budget can be significant: requirement to take on debt, cancellation of parts of the project, loss of reputation, bankruptcy, and so on. The article from Berklee Online, authored by Jonathan […]


The Top 10 DIY Musician Articles Of 2023 According To The DIY Musician

As 2023 draws to a close (how did we get here already?!) we take a gander back at this year with hazy “what just happened” goggles recollecting the moments that stood out to us as artists, and as the loyal members of an ever-evolving industry The article from DIY Musician, titled “The Top 10 DIY […]


Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians.

Here’s a shocking statistic: Music streaming makes up 84 percent of music industry revenue in the US. In other words: the vast majority of people listen to music via streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. The article from the Disc Makers Blog, titled “Best Places to Upload Music for Indie Musicians,” provides a […]