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Apple Music Promotion Guide (2024)

Spotify has been dominating the DPS space for a while now, but that doesn’t mean Apple Music should be ignored: it is the most popular streaming service in the US in 2023 and is predicted to reach 125 million subscribers in 2025. The article from Two Story Melody serves as a comprehensive guide to promoting […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Music Promotion

Urban Dubz Music PR, a music promotion company from the UK have an extensive music promotion guide on their website that makes for some very interesting reading. Written by UK electronic music scene veteran and A&R director Jeremy Sylvester, “The Ultimate Guide To Music PR” covers a wide range of topics over 26 chapters in an easy to understand and […]


6 EPK Must-Haves – ReverbNation Blog

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times—having a good EPK can be the difference between getting the opportunity or not. So why then does it seem like so many artists lack such a fundamental piece of the puzzle? The blog post from ReverbNation emphasizes the critical importance of a well-crafted Electronic […]


What is an EPK? And why do you need one? | Bandzoogle Blog

As a musician, you need tools for promotion. An EPK is your online resume and musical business card, making it easy for industry professionals to discover who you are. The article from Bandzoogle, penned by Melanie Kealey, delves into the essence and significance of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for musicians. An EPK serves as […]

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Music Promotion: How to Strategically Win Publicity and Press

Artists, managers, and record labels face a daunting task: staying true to their music in the media whirlwind. The challenge? Balancing artistic integrity with the need for constant online presence. The article from Digital Music News, titled “Music Promotion: How to Strategically Win Publicity and Press,” is an insightful guide for artists, managers, and record […]


The Complete Guide To Selling Your Music Online

Whether you’re releasing a new album, EP, or launching a series of singles, you’ll want to have a plan in place to help you sell your music online. This will help ensure that people do hear it, and fans are able to support you by purchasing your songs. The guide from Bandzoogle provides a comprehensive […]


Email Marketing for Musicians – Your Ultimate Guide

Is email marketing for musicians still a viable strategy for growing your music career? Short answer: yes. Long answer: read this Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Musicians and Producers. This article from Audio Issues, provides an extensive guide on email marketing specifically tailored for musicians and producers. It emphasizes the importance of understanding your […]