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Creating a Onesheet for your music: 8 tips for success

Artists need resources to help promote their work and propel their careers forward. A musician’s website typically holds all the content (and context) about their musical evolution, spanning past, present, and upcoming projects. In this article for Bandzoogle the author demonstrates that a Onesheet is a promotional tool that highlights a specific music project to […]


How to land more artistic opportunities: the magic of conversations.

The music industry is a people business, and the more you engage in the right kinds of conversations, the more opportunities you will land for yourself.So, what conversations should you be having? This article from Bandzoogle Blog, emphasizes the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations within the music industry to unlock more opportunities. Here are […]

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Top Music Marketing Tips Post Release

Here it is – Your BIG RELEASE day! And then – *poof” … there it goes. Yup. It’s already tomorrow. It’s already next week. Now, it’s next month. Maybe you had an epic first week?! Or maybe your single, EP or album was released to crickets (or worse than that … microbes. Hey, it happens). […]


How to run an effective music PR campaign on a shoestring budget – Hypebot

Believe it or not, it’s still possible to have a successful release when you’re tight on funds. These expert tips cover crafting your unique story, leveraging social media, and building crucial industry connections. The article, written by Angela Tyler from Muddy Paw PR, provides comprehensive advice for musicians aiming to launch a successful PR campaign […]

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10 Creative Sign-up Offers For Musicians To Grow A Mailing List – The Crafty Musician

Social media is great and all, but there’s something incredibly powerful about having a direct line to your fans through email. It’s personal, it’s direct, and best of all, it’s yours to control. But how do you get those precious email sign-ups in the first place? To successfully grow your mailing list, offering enticing sign-up […]

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7 Ways To Make Money on YouTube as a Musician

YouTube offers tons of features to help creators like you optimize the money they’re making from the platform. Are you utilizing everything they have to offer? If not, here are some big ones you definitely don’t want to miss in 2024… The article on the Symphonic Blog, authored by Randi Zimmerman, outlines various strategies that […]


The 6 Things To Add To Your Music Portfolio

A music portfolio is a must for all musicians. Whether you’re a producer looking for new clients, a band looking to connect with industry professionals, or a student looking to gather materials for applications, a portfolio will allow you to showcase your music and who you are as an artist. The blog article from Bandzoogle […]


Artists need to place themselves at the centre of fan community-led commerce

The solution to artist remuneration and the next wave of music industry growth is already here: fan communities. The article from MIDiA Research, authored by Keith Jopling and titled “Artists need to place themselves at the centre of fan community-led commerce,” discusses the evolving landscape of artist remuneration and the music industry’s growth through fan […]


5 best Smart Link pages for musicians | Bandzoogle Blog

Smart Links are direct links to your music that can exist on any page of your website. You can use the Smart Links feature on a Music page promoting a new album, or create a standalone landing page to encourage fans from social media to play and buy your music. The article from Bandzoogle, titled […]


The Best Practices in Music Promotion » Reprtoir

From the digital domains of social media to the classic radio waves, this article will uncover the diverse avenues available to music companies looking to take their artists and their music companies to the next level of success. In the digital age, the art of music promotion has become more crucial than ever for music […]