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Music Marketing for Independent Musicians: The 2024 Guide

At the most basic level, music marketing is the process of reaching new fans and distributing and selling your music. This includes everything from your brand reputation and positioning to creating content, building an email list, and engaging with fans on social media platforms. Navigating the music industry as an independent artist can be challenging, […]


Creating a Onesheet for your music: 8 tips for success

Artists need resources to help promote their work and propel their careers forward. A musician’s website typically holds all the content (and context) about their musical evolution, spanning past, present, and upcoming projects. In this article for Bandzoogle the author demonstrates that a Onesheet is a promotional tool that highlights a specific music project to […]


What is a Deluxe Album (and How To Release One).

For artists with a steady fan base, deluxe albums can be a profitable higher-end product to sell and a great way to release more music. This article from Disc Makers confirms that a deluxe album is an extended version of a standard album that includes unreleased tracks, live performances, alternate versions, and other additional content. […]

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How Many Fans Do Musicians Need to Be Successful on Patreon?

Monetizing superfans is being touted as a way for artists to make a living, and Patreon is arguably the original superfan monetization platform. David “D4” Nguyen offers an experienced look at what it takes to be successful on Patreon. The article, authored by David “D4” Nguyen and published on Hypebot, explores the necessary fan base […]


10 emails you can send your fans right now – ReverbNation Blog

Here’s the sad reality: Most musicians neglect their email list. Even though email subscribers are your MOST reliable fans (and customers!) The blog article titled “10 emails you can send your fans right now” from ReverbNation Blog, authored by Chris Robley, offers practical email ideas for musicians to keep their audience engaged throughout the year. […]


How To Release Music as a New Artist

You’re new to music and have just made your first recording. Congratulations! Now, how do you share it with people in an impactful way? With all the music available today, it can be difficult to stand out as an independent artist. Here are some tips to teach you how to release new music and reach […]

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Level Up Your Music Marketing by Engaging Every Fan Layer

To Build a Fanbase Today, You Need to Reach Every Level of Fandom The blog article titled “Level Up Your Music Marketing by Engaging Every Fan Layer” by Sam Addeo, provides a strategic guide for artists on effectively engaging with different levels of their fanbase to maximize retention and revenue. It emphasizes the necessity of moving beyond […]


7 Strategies To Create A Buzz Around Your Music

From marketing to networking, these tips will help you cultivate a dedicated fanbase and develop a professional career in music. In the digital age, creating a buzz around your music is both an art and a science. Pete Callaghan, through his insightful article on Promoly, outlines seven strategic pillars that can elevate your music’s presence […]


SEO for Musicians: How to Increase Visibility | Disc Makers

Getting your music out into the world is one thing, but getting people to notice you is no small task. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can help interested listeners find you. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most vital components of your digital marketing strategy. In the digital age, where […]

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Music Marketing: Complete Guide for 2024 | Two Story Melody

Working with musicians, I get asked all the time – how can I reach a wider audience and get people to hear my music? I wish there was a simpler answer, but there isn’t. I won’t lie; music marketing is complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. The article from Two Story Melody, titled “Music Marketing: Complete Guide […]