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How To Better Understand Your Audience On Spotify – Symphonic Blog

It’s no big secret that Spotify offers some amazing tools for artists looking to grow their fanbase. These tools can help you see exactly how your fans are discovering and engaging with your music with detailed stats like Segments, Listener Conversion Metrics, and so much more. The article from Symphonic Blog delves into utilizing Spotify’s […]


Why Independent Artists Should Beware of Music Streaming Fraud

Streaming fraud is a serious problem in the music industry. In a world that’s obsessed with stats, it’s understandable why. But the issue runs deeper than just buying streams. Even if you decide to work with a service that claims to be legitimate, they might be using the same illegal methods you’re trying to avoid. […]

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Challenges Artists Face in the Modern Streaming Era

In the current oversaturated music market, artists face endless challenges in getting their music heard on platforms like Spotify. In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, streaming platforms like Spotify have transformed how artists distribute their music and connect with audiences. However, this new era is not without its challenges. From the struggle for […]


The Rise of the Anonymous Music Star

How do you generate more Spotify streams than Michael Jackson or Elton John? Swedish composer Johan Röhr pulled off that impressive feat in the strangest way possible. In the article, Ted Gioia explores the significant shift in music economics and the emerging trend of anonymous musicians dominating streaming platforms. He highlights the story of Johan […]

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Spotify Playlist Curators: Top 5 Websites to Reach a New Audience – EDMProd

In the world of music promotion, Spotify plays an absolute essential role and at the center of that world are playlist curators. These actors can get your song in front of thousands, if not million of people. But only if you do it right! In the current digital landscape, Spotify emerges as a pivotal platform […]


Spotify Algorithm: The Ultimate Music Discovery Machine

Sure, you can spend your weekends crate digging at your local record store, or checking out music blog recommendations. But with the click of a button, music streaming services – from Spotify to Amazon Music – can tailor your music recommendations to a tee. In the digital age, music streaming services like Spotify have become […]


Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians.

Here’s a shocking statistic: Music streaming makes up 84 percent of music industry revenue in the US. In other words: the vast majority of people listen to music via streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. This also means if you’re not streaming your music you’re missing out. The article from Disc Makers Blog, […]