Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians.

Here’s a shocking statistic: Music streaming makes up 84 percent of music industry revenue in the US. In other words: the vast majority of people listen to music via streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. This also means if you’re not streaming your music you’re missing out.

The article from Disc Makers Blog, titled “Best Places to Upload Music for Indie Musicians,” written by Scott McCormick, provides a comprehensive guide for independent artists on where to upload their music. Here’s a summary of the key points:


  • Streaming Dominance: Streaming accounts for 84% of music industry revenue in the US, making it essential for artists to be present on streaming platforms.
  • Importance for Indie Artists: The article emphasizes the significance of choosing the right platforms for music upload to enhance discovery and career growth.

Direct Upload Platforms

  • Personal Music Artist Website: It’s crucial to have a professional website as a base of operations for information and music uploads.
  • Bandcamp: Offers free upload, direct sign-up, and about 82% revenue from sales. However, its future is uncertain due to recent acquisition and staff reductions.
  • YouTube: As the largest streaming platform, it’s vital for artists to upload music here, using it to showcase personality and connect with fans.
  • TikTok: With a massive, younger audience, TikTok is pivotal for exposure. Artists can upload music directly or through a distributor for monetization. However, security concerns and potential banning in the US are noted.
  • SoundCloud: Popular for hip hop and electronic music, it allows free upload of up to three hours of audio. Monetization requires a paid Pro service.

Digital Music Distribution

  • Choosing a Distributor: The article suggests CD Baby, Distrokid, or Tunecore as reliable options.
  • Platforms via Distributors: Apple, Amazon, Pandora, and Spotify are accessible through distributors. Spotify, despite its large user base, is critiqued for recent problematic changes in royalty accounting.

Beyond Digital: Physical Media

  • Relevance of Physical Media: CDs and vinyl are still significant, especially for live performances. They offer higher profit margins and serve as mementos for fans.

Key Takeaways

  • The article stresses the importance of a balanced approach, combining digital and physical distribution methods.
  • It highlights the need for indie artists to carefully select platforms that align with their audience and goals.
  • The evolving landscape of music distribution, especially concerning royalties and platform policies, requires artists to stay informed and adaptable.

This guide offers a thorough understanding of the current music distribution landscape, helping indie musicians make informed decisions about where and how to share their music.

Source: Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians | Disc Makers

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