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Daniel Ek’s side hustle as a lightning-rod seems to be going very well. Last year he shook the music industry with three big changes to Spotify’s royalty payments, effectively demonetizing tracks with less than 1000 streams per year… and the internet went nuts.

The article from the Reverbnation blog, explores Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s controversial statement that the cost of creating content is “close to zero,” sparking widespread backlash from musicians.

Ek’s assertion was part of a broader discussion on the democratization of content creation across various formats, including music, videos, and literature.

He highlighted how modern technology has drastically reduced the financial barriers to content creation compared to previous decades, where releasing music required significant investment in studio time, record deals, and distribution.

Today, artists can produce and distribute their work using affordable or even free tools, exemplified by the ability to create music on a smartphone.

However, many musicians, including prominent artists like deadmau5, criticized Ek’s remarks, feeling that it undermined the value and effort involved in creating music.

The article acknowledges that while costs have lowered, the essential creative process and skill development still demand time and dedication. It also touches on the broader implications of increased content supply on demand and cultural impact.

Ek’s use of the term “content” also drew criticism, with some artists feeling it diminished their work. The article defends the term as a practical shorthand for various forms of creative expression delivered digitally.

It concludes by encouraging readers to consider the complexities of modern content creation and distribution, inviting them to share their views on Ek’s statements and recent Spotify policies.

Source: What is the real cost of creating music? – ReverbNation Blog

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