75 ways for musicians to make money in 2024 – ReverbNation Blog

As a musician, there are more ways to earn money than ever before. Dozens upon dozens of ways, in fact!

The article in the ReverbNation blog, provides an extensive list of 75 methods for musicians to generate income.

These methods are categorised into several sections:

  • Streaming & Digital Sales
  • Music Recording Work
  • Music Publishing & Licensing
  • Live Music Performances
  • Music Merch Sales
  • Music Education
  • Crowdfunding & Fan Support
  • Music Composition
  • Retail & Venue Work
  • Other Music Professions
  • Brand Collaborations
  • Miscellaneous.

Each category offers practical suggestions ranging from traditional avenues like live performances and teaching to modern approaches such as NFTs, online courses, and crowdfunding.

The list highlights diverse opportunities, encouraging musicians to explore various revenue streams that align with their skills and career stage.

Three Thought-Provoking Insights:

  1. Diverse Revenue Streams:
    • Musicians today can tap into a wide array of income sources beyond just live performances and album sales. This diversification can provide financial stability and more opportunities for creative expression.
  2. Digital and Modern Opportunities:
    • The rise of digital platforms and technologies has created new monetization methods, such as NFTs, online courses, and social video monetization, which can be lucrative if utilized effectively.
  3. Educational and Therapeutic Roles:
    • Musicians can leverage their expertise in educational roles, like teaching and online courses, or in therapeutic capacities, such as music therapy, showcasing the broader societal value of musical skills beyond entertainment.

Source: 75 ways for musicians to make money in 2024 – ReverbNation Blog

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