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Time management is an art. Especially for musicians with a day job on top of their full-time music career. Where do you find the time and how do you manage everything that needs to be done without losing your mind?

The article titled “Time Management for Musicians: How to Get More Done and Save Time in the Process” by Cari Cole on her Voice & Music Co. website offers musicians strategies for managing their time effectively, especially for those balancing a day job with their music career. Here’s a detailed summary:

  1. Organize Your Time into Categories: The first step involves breaking down your weekly tasks into categories (e.g., day job, social media and marketing, creating music, daily musicianship practice, learning new things, music career and business) and allocating specific hours to each. This helps in making the workload seem more manageable.
  2. How to Stretch Time: Time perception is subjective, and understanding this can help musicians stretch their perception of time. Engaging more in activities you love, like music, and adopting a positive mindset towards less exciting tasks can make time feel more abundant.
  3. Keys to Increasing Productivity: Productivity can be boosted by focusing on tasks in smaller, consistent increments, learning to say no to non-essential tasks, tidying up your workspace, and focusing on one task at a time.
  4. Prioritize, Delegate, and Let Go: Recognize that not everything can be done. Prioritize essential tasks, delegate intermediate ones, and let go of the least important tasks.
  5. Schedule Projects and Allow More Time Than Less: Embrace the practice of living by the calendar. Schedule your tasks and non-negotiables clearly, allowing more time than you initially think you’ll need. This also involves being flexible and adjusting your schedule as necessary.

The article further promotes Cari Cole’s Step Up to the Spotlight Artist Development Program, which is something I would recommend you look into.

Source: Time Management for Musicians – Cari Cole Voice & Music Co.

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