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As Gen Zers across America discover drum and bass, the question remains if other U.K. subgenres will follow this same trajectory, first pioneered by dubstep.

The article titled “America’s Gen Z is embracing UK electronic music” by Alana Bonilla on Hypebot, explores the growing influence of UK electronic music, particularly drum and bass (DnB), among Gen Z listeners in America.

It highlights the historical context of the UK and US’s music exchange, tracing back to the British Invasion of the 1960s and encompassing genres such as rap and drill. The article specifically focuses on the evolution of UK electronic music, starting from jungle music in the early ’90s, to the emergence of dubstep in the 2000s, and the current rise of drum and bass.

The piece details how the COVID-19 pandemic and platforms like TikTok have facilitated the introduction and spread of drum and bass among American audiences, noting a significant presence of UK drum and bass tracks on Spotify’s Mint playlist since the pandemic’s onset.

It also examines the demographic shifts in the genres’ fanbases, finding that younger audiences, particularly those between 18 to 24 years old, are increasingly engaging with these genres on social media platforms.

Moreover, the article discusses the role of UK artists in promoting genres like drum and bass, jungle, and UK garage in the US, mentioning artists such as PinkPantheress, Sammy Virji, and Nia Archives as pivotal figures in this cross-cultural exchange. Their contributions are seen as key to the authentic representation and growth of UK electronic music genres in the American market.

In conclusion, the article suggests that the authenticity of the UK electronic music scene, driven by original UK producers and the direct interaction enabled by digital platforms, marks a departure from previous trends of Americanizing foreign music genres.

It anticipates a bright future for drum and bass and related genres, underlining the importance of authenticity and direct artist-fan engagement in their global popularity and influence.

Source: America’s Gen Z is embracing UK electronic music – Hypebot

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