This Man Releases A New Album On Spotify Every Single Day – How Much Money Does He Make?

The idea of recording an album a day might send the average person running for the hills, but for ambient artist Michiru Aoyama, the routine has been a part of his everyday life for the last two years.

The key takeaway points from the article This man releases a new album on Spotify every single day – here’s how much money he makes

  1. Routine and Discipline: Aoyama adheres to a strict daily schedule, waking up at 5 am and dedicating specific hours to music composition. This disciplined routine underscores the importance of consistency over waiting for sporadic bursts of inspiration.
  2. Productivity and Output: By producing an album every day, Aoyama exemplifies the principle of prolific output. This approach suggests that regular creation can lead to a substantial body of work, offering more opportunities for artistic growth and public recognition.
  3. Creative Process: His method involves using specific instruments and a consistent setup, indicating that a familiar and structured creative environment can foster continuous artistic production.
  4. Emotional Expression: Aoyama treats songwriting like a diary, channeling both positive and negative experiences into his music. This highlights the therapeutic aspect of regular creative work, serving as an emotional outlet.
  5. Authenticity and Risk-Taking: He releases all his work, regardless of quality, embracing authenticity and risk. This attitude challenges the conventional emphasis on perfection, advocating for the value of raw and unfiltered artistic expression.
  6. Financial Viability: His strategy has proven financially sustainable, with a significant portion of his income derived from streaming platforms. This demonstrates that consistent output can also be economically rewarding in the digital age.
  7. Life Beyond Music: Aoyama views music as an integral part of his life, akin to a daily habit. Yet, he also expresses interest in other creative fields, suggesting that a disciplined approach to one art form can open avenues in others.

In summary, Michiru Aoyama’s story illustrates the virtues of disciplined work in music creation.

It challenges the romantic notion of waiting for inspiration, showing that regular, consistent work can lead to both artistic fulfillment and practical success.

So… What’s your excuse for not making music?

Source: This man releases a new album on Spotify every single day – here’s how much money he makes

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