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Here’s the sad reality: Most musicians neglect their email list. Even though email subscribers are your MOST reliable fans (and customers!)

The blog article titled “10 emails you can send your fans right now” from ReverbNation Blog, authored by Chris Robley, offers practical email ideas for musicians to keep their audience engaged throughout the year. Here’s a detailed summary of the content:

Musicians often overlook the potential of their email lists, especially when they don’t have major news like a new album or tour. However, engaging with fans consistently is crucial, and the article provides ten creative and easy email ideas that musicians can use:

  1. Say Thanks – Show gratitude to fans for their time and purchases with a sincere thank you message.
  2. Share a Tiny Story – Discuss a particular song, lyric, or musical element you’re proud of and link to the related track or video.
  3. Memorable Stage Moments – Relate a memorable concert experience, whether triumphant or challenging, and share what made it significant.
  4. Merch Clearance Sale – Announce a sale, possibly linked to making space for new items or a fun story about your merchandise.
  5. Ask for Recommendations – Engage fans by asking for their favorite music, books, or recipes, making the email interactive.
  6. Music Retrospective – Share a collection of your greatest hits or lesser-known tracks, providing various listening platforms besides Spotify.
  7. Confessions – Occasionally share personal, vulnerable stories or confessions to connect deeply with your audience.
  8. Quick Pic – Send a spontaneous email featuring a favorite photo from your camera roll, encouraging a light, personal touch.
  9. Promote Live Events – Use emails to remind fans of live-streams or real-life concerts, not just relying on social media.
  10. Discuss the Struggle – Openly talk about the challenges of your music career, which can resonate with fans and encourage their support.

The article emphasizes that these emails are just a starting point and encourages musicians to continue developing fresh content as they engage more with their fans.

It highlights that frequent communication is better than too little, assuring musicians that fans will appreciate the updates if they truly support you.

Source: 10 emails you can send your fans right now – ReverbNation Blog

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