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100+ UK festivals will shut down this year – who’s left? – RouteNote Blog

Music festivals in the UK face an existential crisis, so what does this crisis mean for culture in the country and who will be the survivors?

The article “100+ UK Festivals Will Shut Down This Year – Who’s Left?” discusses the current crisis faced by the UK live music industry, predicting that over 100 music festivals will shut down in 2024.

So far, 40 festivals have already closed this year. The struggle is attributed to several factors, including increased production costs, the impact of Brexit on logistics, and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rising costs have forced festivals to raise ticket prices, which in turn has reduced ticket sales and attendance. Some festivals, even after selling out, have operated at a loss due to these economic pressures.

Iconic festivals like NASS, Leopollooza, Long Division, and others have been cancelled, highlighting the severity of the situation.

The Association of Independent Festivals notes that many festivals honored pre-pandemic ticket prices, leading to financial losses. There is a campaign to reduce VAT for festivals from 20% to 5% to help them recover.

However, this solution may be challenging given the broader economic struggles of the country.

The article also questions which festivals will survive, noting that smaller and independent festivals are most affected. This trend threatens the diversity of the music scene, potentially leaving only major festivals like Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds.

The decline of smaller festivals could limit opportunities for emerging artists and affect local communities.

Thought-Provoking Questions:

  1. Impact on Cultural Diversity: How will the closure of smaller and independent festivals affect the cultural diversity and local music scenes in the UK?
  2. Economic Solutions: What are potential economic strategies that could support the recovery of the UK live music industry beyond reducing VAT?
  3. Future of Festival Attendance: How might rising ticket prices and economic pressures reshape festival attendance and accessibility for different socioeconomic groups?

Source: 100+ UK festivals will shut down this year – who’s left? – RouteNote Blog

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