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The Best Practices in Music Promotion » Reprtoir

From the digital domains of social media to the classic radio waves, this article will uncover the diverse avenues available to music companies looking to take their artists and their music companies to the next level of success. In the digital age, the art of music promotion has become more crucial than ever for music […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Music Promotion

Urban Dubz Music PR, a music promotion company from the UK have an extensive music promotion guide on their website that makes for some very interesting reading. Written by UK electronic music scene veteran and A&R director Jeremy Sylvester, “The Ultimate Guide To Music PR” covers a wide range of topics over 26 chapters in an easy to understand and […]


Hello World! All About Music Business Is Here

Hi there, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and blogger from Australia and for me, the music business is this wonderful industry that has given me so much in my 30 plus years that I’ve been involved. Quite simply, music, the business of music and networking with the industries that are involved […]