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A Festival In Your Garden… What You’ll Need For The Party

There are plenty of big festivals, including legendary events that draw thousands of music fans. But why not organize your very own garden party with live music and everything else that makes a great festival? Everyone starts small. Here are a few tips on how to host an unforgettable festival in your garden. The article […]


Musician Email Marketing Tips: Expand Your Audience and Engage Fans

Check out these five straightforward musician email marketing tips. By implementing these techniques, musicians can expand their audience, engage more fans, and enhance their promotional efforts. The article initially written for the Bandzoogle blog, provides five practical email marketing tips for musicians to expand their audience and engage more fans. It emphasises the continued relevance […]


Onesheets for musicians: How to use a Onesheet to promote your music

As a musician, getting the word out about your release is especially important, since new projects can create significant growth along your career path. A Onesheet is a precise, one-page document that musicians can use to promote upcoming projects, their music, and themselves. According to the Bandzoogle blog article “Onesheets for musicians: How to use […]

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Does AI Really Pose a Threat to the Music Industry?

With the market for artificial intelligence expected to reach $184 billion this year, there has been increasing public uncertainty about the technology’s potential effects on our lives. The impact is highly visible in the creative industries, with the music industry being among the most vulnerable. The article from How Music Charts, authored by Sonia Chien, […]

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How Long Do Vinyl Records Last?

There’s something uniquely satisfying about the tactile experience of handling a vinyl record, the ritual of placing the needle, and the warm, rich sound that emanates from the grooves. This article written for the DiscMakers blog demonstrates that vinyl records have made a significant comeback despite the dominance of digital downloads and streaming services. Their […]


How to Create a Strong Community Around Your Music | Two Story Melody

If there’s one thing I love more than anything about this industry, it’s the community that can be built around a single song. A feeling. A moment. This article written for the Two Story Melody blog demonstrates that building a strong community around your music is both crucial and rewarding. The article outlines several strategies […]


75 ways for musicians to make money in 2024 – ReverbNation Blog

As a musician, there are more ways to earn money than ever before. Dozens upon dozens of ways, in fact! The article in the ReverbNation blog, provides an extensive list of 75 methods for musicians to generate income. These methods are categorised into several sections: Each category offers practical suggestions ranging from traditional avenues like […]


What is the real cost of creating music? – ReverbNation Blog

Daniel Ek’s side hustle as a lightning-rod seems to be going very well. Last year he shook the music industry with three big changes to Spotify’s royalty payments, effectively demonetizing tracks with less than 1000 streams per year… and the internet went nuts. The article from the Reverbnation blog, explores Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s controversial […]


Music Marketing for Independent Musicians: The 2024 Guide

At the most basic level, music marketing is the process of reaching new fans and distributing and selling your music. This includes everything from your brand reputation and positioning to creating content, building an email list, and engaging with fans on social media platforms. Navigating the music industry as an independent artist can be challenging, […]


Creating a Onesheet for your music: 8 tips for success

Artists need resources to help promote their work and propel their careers forward. A musician’s website typically holds all the content (and context) about their musical evolution, spanning past, present, and upcoming projects. In this article for Bandzoogle the author demonstrates that a Onesheet is a promotional tool that highlights a specific music project to […]