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10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Mahatma Gandhi

Hypebot is one of the best music business blogs going around at the moment and a great example of why is this article I found called “10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Gandhi.”

Penned by former Hypebot senior writer Hisham Dahud, the article outlines ten music business fundamentals inspired by the life of  Mahatma Gandhi.

Hisham is confident that the 10 music business fundamentals listed below will “… help shift your mindset to one that is poised to flourish in today’s music business.”

In summary, the 10 fundamentals are:

1. Change yourself
2. You are in control
3. Forgive and let go
4. Without action, you aren’t going anywhere
5. Take care of this moment
6. Everyone is human
7. Persist
8. See the good in people and help them
9. Be congruent, authentic and true to yourself
10. Continue to grow and evolve

Of course for a more detailed description of these fundamentals go and read the full article “10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired By Gandhi.”

It’s really, really inspiring stuff. Let me know what you think of it.

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