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Apple Music Promotion Guide (2024)

Spotify has been dominating the DPS space for a while now, but that doesn’t mean Apple Music should be ignored: it is the most popular streaming service in the US in 2023 and is predicted to reach 125 million subscribers in 2025.

The article from Two Story Melody serves as a comprehensive guide to promoting music on Apple Music in 2024, highlighting the platform’s significance in the streaming landscape, especially in the US where it remains a dominant force.

It delves into the essentials of Apple Music, including its subscription-based, ad-free model and its evolution from iTunes. The guide underscores the importance of claiming and optimizing an Apple Music for Artists profile, which offers access to analytics, promotional tools, and the ability to edit artist bios and song lyrics.

Key promotional strategies outlined include leveraging built-in promotional tools like customized assets for social sharing, Linkfire links for streamlined audience redirection, embeddable players for website integration, and Twitter Song Preview Cards for engaging snippets. It also discusses the strategic use of badges and icons to signify Apple Music availability, the potential of Meta ads for targeted advertising, and the intricacies of playlist inclusion, emphasizing the platform’s curated approach.

The guide advises on building a fan base by connecting social media profiles, collaborating with fellow artists, and consistently releasing quality music to increase visibility and playlist recommendations. It concludes by positioning Apple Music as a vital component of an artist’s promotional arsenal, distinct from Spotify, with unique features and opportunities for growth.

This summary encapsulates the article’s insights into effectively navigating Apple Music’s promotional landscape, offering actionable advice for artists looking to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience on the platform.

Source: Apple Music Promotion Guide (2024) | Two Story Melody

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