Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians.

Here’s a shocking statistic: Music streaming makes up 84 percent of music industry revenue in the US. In other words: the vast majority of people listen to music via streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

The article from the Disc Makers Blog, titled “Best Places to Upload Music for Indie Musicians,” provides a comprehensive guide for independent artists on where to upload their music for maximum exposure and revenue.

The article begins by highlighting the dominance of music streaming, which accounts for 84% of music industry revenue in the U.S.

Summary of Key Points:

  1. Direct Uploads: The article suggests several platforms where artists can upload their music directly. These include the artist’s personal website, Bandcamp, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud. Each platform has its unique advantages, such as Bandcamp’s revenue-sharing model and YouTube’s vast audience reach.
  2. Digital Music Distribution: For platforms where direct uploads are not possible, the article recommends using digital music distributors like CD Baby, DistroKid, or Tunecore. These distributors can place music on various platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Spotify.
  3. Physical Media: Despite the digital trend, the article emphasizes the continued relevance of physical media like CDs and vinyl, especially for live performances. Physical sales not only offer higher profit margins but also serve as tangible mementos for fans.

Insights and Considerations:

  • Platform Selection: When choosing platforms for music upload, consider your target audience, genre, and the specific features of each platform. For instance, TikTok is great for reaching a younger audience, while Bandcamp offers a high revenue percentage.
  • Spotify’s Royalty Changes: The article notes controversial changes in Spotify’s royalty accounting, set to begin in 2024, which could disadvantage indie artists. This raises questions about the viability of Spotify for indie musicians moving forward.
  • Balancing Digital and Physical: While digital platforms offer wide reach and convenience, the article suggests not overlooking the value of physical media, especially for creating a personal connection with fans at live events.

Source: Best Place to Upload Music for Indie Musicians | Disc Makers

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