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The independent music market is more saturated than ever. That’s why I favour marketing strategies that are specific and targeted. They’re often more effective than casting a wide net.

The blog post from ReverbNation, authored by Cassidy Frost, delves into the significance of college radio as a promotional tool for musicians, especially in the independent music scene. Despite the rise of digital platforms, college radio remains a favorite for Frost due to its targeted and specific marketing approach. The article serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the workings of college radio promotion and offering strategic insights.

College radio is highlighted for its unique audience and the hundreds of stations across the country that support independent music. The DJs, often passionate college students or community volunteers, are seen as valuable new fans due to their deep involvement in music and potential future roles in the industry. However, the article acknowledges the challenges of translating radio plays into tangible fan growth and meaningful opportunities, emphasizing the need for additional efforts to maximize the impact of radio promotion.

The post provides a practical overview of college radio, including the role of the North American College & Community (NACC) in chart compilation and the significance of station rankings. It offers detailed advice on how to submit music to college radio, from preparing and sending CDs or digital submissions to following up with stations. The importance of building relationships with DJs and music directors is underscored, with suggestions for engaging with them and the wider community.

In conclusion, the article positions college radio as an underutilized resource that can foster strong music communities. It encourages artists to consider college radio promotion as part of their strategy, while also being mindful of the effort and organization required to succeed in this space.

Source: College radio promotion: The musician’s guide – ReverbNation Blog

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