How To Release Music as a New Artist

You’re new to music and have just made your first recording. Congratulations! Now, how do you share it with people in an impactful way?

With all the music available today, it can be difficult to stand out as an independent artist. Here are some tips to teach you how to release new music and reach an audience.

The article “How To Release Music as a New Artist” from the Disc Makers Blog begins by addressing new musicians who have just completed their first recording, guiding them on how to release music both online and physically.

It acknowledges the challenges of standing out in a saturated music market and provides a structured approach to music distribution, marketing, and promotion.

Key Sections Covered:

  • Preparing for Your Music Release: Emphasizes the importance of having a plan before releasing music, including setting a release date, planning the promotion, and determining a budget for promotion. It suggests hiring music industry professionals if possible and discusses the benefits of music mastering and visual presentation.
  • Steps to Releasing Music: Outlines various steps such as registering with performing rights organizations (PROs) like ASCAP and BMI, choosing between physical and digital distribution, and engaging in pre-release activities like offering teasers and organizing live performance events.
  • Releasing a New Song: Discusses the strategic decision between releasing a single song versus a full album. It covers marketing strategies and the importance of creating engaging, shareable content.
  • Digital and Physical Distribution Basics: Provides insights into the necessity of hiring a digital distributor for streaming services and the value of physical copies in a digital age. It highlights companies that can assist in manufacturing CDs, vinyl, and cassettes.
  • Post-Release Activities: Suggests ways to sustain momentum post-release through continuous engagement with fans, updates, and live performances. It mentions the importance of planning the next release once the initial buzz dies down.

Conclusion: The article concludes with encouragement for new artists, summarizing the key steps in launching a music career through careful planning, effective promotion, and continuous engagement with fans.

Source: How To Release Music as a New Artist | Disc Makers

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