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Whether you’re releasing a new album, EP, or launching a series of singles, you’ll want to have a plan in place to help you sell your music online. This will help ensure that people do hear it, and fans are able to support you by purchasing your songs.

The article from Bandzoogle, titled “The complete guide to selling your music online,” serves as an invaluable resource for musicians looking to navigate the digital marketplace. Authored by Melanie Kealey, it outlines a strategic approach to selling music online, emphasizing the importance of creating a comprehensive plan that engages fans and maximizes revenue through various platforms.

The guide starts by encouraging artists to consider where their music will be sold online, suggesting a mix of their own website, digital music stores, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and streaming platforms. It highlights the significance of owning a website where artists can sell their music commission-free, control the fan experience, and collect valuable data and emails for future marketing efforts.

Digital music stores and streaming platforms are discussed as essential channels for reaching a wider audience, with tips on using distributors to get music across multiple platforms. Bandcamp is noted for its music discovery features and direct fan engagement, while SoundCloud is recommended for visibility and discovery.

The article then delves into strategies for selling music, including creating anticipation, engaging fans, crowdfunding, setting up pre-orders, and releasing singles and albums effectively. It stresses the importance of a marketing strategy that aligns with where the music is sold and the fans’ preferences.

To ensure sustained interest and sales, the guide advises on follow-up tactics like celebrating milestones, offering discounts, and bundling products. It also covers making money through various means such as utilizing mailing lists, social media, pay-what-you-want pricing, and fan subscriptions.

In conclusion, selling music online is presented as a multifaceted process that requires careful planning, engagement, and marketing to succeed. The guide encourages artists to focus on building relationships with fans, using a mix of services and platforms to cater to all types of supporters, and continuously refining their sales and marketing strategies for long-term success.

Source: The complete guide to selling your music online | Bandzoogle Blog

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