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Video is one of the most effective ways to promote music. That’s why the music industry is so focused on TikTok, Reels, and YouTube at the moment.

The article from ReverbNation Blog, penned by Chris Robley, delves into the dynamic world of music videos, highlighting their pivotal role in music promotion. It acknowledges the challenges artists face in video production, especially with the plethora of platforms and formats available.

To navigate this landscape, the article presents a curated list of 10 types of music videos that artists should consider creating:

  1. The Official Music Video: While not as effective on short-form platforms, it’s still valuable for media outreach and engaging die-hard fans.
  2. The Song-Snippet Video: Focus on the hook of your song and create multiple creative versions, leveraging the brevity to produce diverse options.
  3. Visualizations: Graphics that move with the music, appealing more to loyal fans with their artistic and subtle nature.
  4. Lyric or Karaoke Videos: Ideal for fans who wish to sing along or learn the lyrics accurately, catering more to an existing fanbase.
  5. Art Track Videos: A simple format displaying your album artwork while the music plays, automatically generated on platforms like YouTube Music.
  6. Spotify Canvas Video: Short looping videos on Spotify, offering creative freedom but requiring careful consideration to avoid misalignment with the song’s lyrics.
  7. Short-Form Videos: A broad category encompassing the myriad of brief, personality-driven videos popular on platforms like TikTok and Reels.
  8. Cover Song Videos: A strategic tool for reaching new audiences, with the potential to do partial covers, like a chorus on TikTok.
  9. Live Videos: Capturing the essence of live performances, whether on stage or in a more intimate setting, focusing on showcasing your unique talents.
  10. Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Offering fans an intimate glimpse into the life of an artist, whether on tour, in the studio, or during rehearsals, in various formats like mini-documentaries or quick vertical videos.

The article emphasizes the transformative power of video in propelling music careers forward and encourages artists to embrace this medium creatively and strategically.

Source: 10 music videos you should be making in 2024 – ReverbNation Blog

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