5 Reasons You Should Still Create CDs Of Your Releases

The conventional knowledge in the world of music today is that CDs do not sell anymore. Yes, CDs are no longer the mainstream media for releasing new music. However, this does not mean that as artists we cannot generate revenue from CD sales. In fact, a lot of artists today still depend on CD sales for their merch revenue.

In an era where digital media dominates, the article from ReverbNation, presents compelling reasons why musicians should still consider creating CDs for their releases. Despite the decline in mainstream popularity, CDs offer unique advantages for artists. Here are the key points:

  1. Touring and Concert Revenue: CDs remain a significant source of income during concerts and tours. They serve as excellent merchandise, especially in a post-pandemic world where live events are resuming. Selling CDs at concerts can be a simple yet effective way to generate additional revenue.
  2. Online Sales: The pandemic saw a rise in online music consumption, including CD and vinyl sales. As people sought to support their favourite artists in the absence of live performances, online CD sales became a crucial revenue stream.
  3. In-Car Listening: Despite the disappearance of CD players from many modern devices, they are still common in cars. Many people enjoy listening to CDs during road trips or long commutes, offering a continued market for CD sales.
  4. Physical Appeal and Artwork: Like vinyl, CDs offer the tangible pleasure of owning a physical copy of music. The artwork, ease of use, and portability of CDs make them attractive collectibles and an alternative to digital formats.
  5. Radio Campaigns: Many radio stations, especially major ones, still prefer CDs for music pitches. CDs remain relevant in the industry for artists looking to get their music played on the radio.

The article concludes by acknowledging that while CDs may not reach the sales heights of the past, they continue to hold value for both artists and consumers. As long as there is a market for them, CDs can be a viable source of revenue and exposure for musicians.

Source: 5 Reasons You Should Still Create CDs Of Your Releases

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