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Have you ever asked yourself, “how do music artists make money?” You’re not alone. Venturing into the music realm with dreams of making it a full-time gig is a path many are vibing with these days.

The Native Instruments Blog provides an insightful guide on how to make money with music, offering 25 diverse and practical methods for musicians to turn their passion into profit.

The article emphasizes that while making a living from music requires dedication and discipline, the digital age has made it more feasible than ever. The methods include:

  1. Collecting Streaming Royalties: Utilizing platforms like Amuse or DistroKid to distribute music across various streaming services.
  2. Mixing and Mastering Services: Offering these skills online through platforms like SoundBetter or Fiverr.
  3. Selling Digital Downloads: Using platforms like Bandcamp to sell music directly to fans.
  4. Booking Local Gigs and Concerts: Building relationships with venue owners and event organizers.
  5. Crowdfunding Projects: Using platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to fund music projects.
  6. Teaching Music Lessons: Offering lessons online or in-person.
  7. Fan Subscriptions: Using platforms like Patreon for exclusive content.
  8. Busking: Performing in high-traffic areas, legally and with an engaging setup.
  9. Ghost Producing: Producing music for other artists anonymously.
  10. Touring: Planning tours strategically in areas with a following.
  11. Offering Recording Services: Utilizing a home studio to record other artists.
  12. Selling Beats: Using platforms like BeatStars or Airbit.
  13. Writing Songs for Other Musicians: Offering songwriting services.
  14. Session Musician Work: Charging per recording session or song.
  15. Writing for Music Blogs: Sharing expertise in the field.
  16. Creating and Selling Loop/Sample Packs: Using websites like Splice or Noiiz.
  17. Monetizing a YouTube Channel: Through ads and channel memberships.
  18. Securing Sync Licensing: For use in films, commercials, or TV shows.
  19. Getting Corporate Sponsors: Partnering with companies for mutual benefit.
  20. Live Streaming: Using platforms like Twitch for real-time donations.
  21. Creating Soundtrack Music: Writing custom music for various media.
  22. Signing a Record Deal: Understanding the complexities and benefits.
  23. Curating Playlists: For platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
  24. Selling Branded Merchandise: Using services like Teespring or Merch Camp.
  25. Applying for Music Grants: From public and private organizations.

The article encourages musicians to explore multiple avenues and to be proactive in promoting their work, highlighting the importance of diversifying income streams in the music industry.

Insights for All About Music Business Readers…

Some questions to ask of yourself:

  1. Diversifying Income Streams: How can musicians balance their time and resources to effectively manage multiple income streams?
  2. Digital Era Opportunities: In what ways has the digital age uniquely empowered independent artists compared to previous decades?
  3. Sustainability and Growth: What strategies can musicians employ to ensure the sustainability and growth of their income over time, especially in a rapidly changing industry?

Source: 25 ways to make money with music | Native Instruments Blog

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