9 questions to ask if you want to accomplish more in music.

Many people have asked me what it takes to be more productive in their musical pursuits. The truth of the matter is that this can depend a lot on the individual and their existing habits.

The article “9 Questions to Ask if You Want to Accomplish More in Music” by David Andrew Wiebe on Bandzoogle offers insightful guidance for musicians seeking to enhance their productivity and achieve greater success in their careers. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Reflect on Past Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your musical and life accomplishments to understand what has worked for you.
  2. Evaluate Success and Failure: Analyze what actions led to success and what didn’t work, helping to identify a formula for future success.
  3. Set Clear Goals: Determine specific, motivating goals, such as increasing music income, completing a release, booking shows, or growing a social media following.
  4. Manage Your Health: Prioritize both physical and mental health, as they are crucial for high performance.
  5. Maintain a Documented Schedule: Use tools like Google Calendar to manage your time effectively, adjusting your schedule as priorities shift.
  6. Effective To-Do Lists: Focus on high-priority tasks and avoid overloading with low-value activities.
  7. Dedicate Time to Priorities: Spend at least an hour daily on your most important music-related tasks.
  8. Commit to Lifelong Learning: Continuously seek knowledge and growth through books, podcasts, and courses, especially in areas like marketing and business.
  9. Utilize the Right Tools and Resources: Ensure you have the necessary tools and resources to stay motivated and accountable.

Wiebe emphasizes the importance of self-assessment, health management, and continuous learning in achieving music career goals. He also highlights the need for effective scheduling and prioritization to maximize productivity.

Source: 9 questions to ask if you want to accomplish more in music | Bandzoogle Blog

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