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9 Rules For Success In Today’s Music business – Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog

We’ve gone through a mighty change in the music business over the last decade or so, and it keeps on morphing and evolving every day. Since these changes are constant, many of the old school rules pertaining to success in the music business no longer apply The article from Music 3.0, titled “9 Rules For […]


9 questions to ask if you want to accomplish more in music.

Many people have asked me what it takes to be more productive in their musical pursuits. The truth of the matter is that this can depend a lot on the individual and their existing habits. The article “9 Questions to Ask if You Want to Accomplish More in Music” by David Andrew Wiebe on Bandzoogle […]


Artificial Intelligence and the music industry in 2023

Music industry experts CMU take a deep-dive look at everything that happened in AI and the music business during 2023. Bookmark this for later! The article from Complete Music Update, titled “Artificial Intelligence and the music industry in 2023,” authored by Chris Cooke, delves into the evolving relationship between AI and the music industry throughout […]

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Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals – Cyber PR Music

Goal-setting is an important factor in achieving desired results. Without goals in mind, you will be working aimlessly and without a determined future in mind. Most people set goals at the beginning of the year, but you can set them at any time! Here’s our Musician’s Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals. The article “Musician’s […]

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Music and Entrepreneurship: Why Musicians Should Think Like Business Owners

In the symphony of the music industry, musicians are often celebrated for their creativity and talent. However, in the rapidly evolving landscape of this industry, there’s another role that musicians must master… That of an entrepreneur. The advent of digital technology has transformed the music industry, revolutionising the way music is produced, distributed, and consumed. […]


Hello World! All About Music Business Is Here

Hi there, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and blogger from Australia and for me, the music business is this wonderful industry that has given me so much in my 30 plus years that I’ve been involved. Quite simply, music, the business of music and networking with the industries that are involved […]