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Catch ’22: A Complete* List Of Absolutely Everything The Music Business Needs To Fix Or Get Rid Of In 2022 (*Almost)

… here are 22 things the music business really needs to stop doing or to fix before the calendar flips over into 2023. A great list here, right on the money. Read it, absorb it and do it (if you have the power to make change). Source:Catch ’22: A Complete* List Of Absolutely Everything The […]

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All About Music Business – What’s It All About?

Hi there, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and blogger from Australia and for me, the music business is this wonderful industry that has given me so much in my 30 plus years that I’ve been involved. Quite simply, music, the business of music and networking with the industries that are involved […]

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