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Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals – Cyber PR Music

Goal-setting is an important factor in achieving desired results. Without goals in mind, you will be working aimlessly and without a determined future in mind. Most people set goals at the beginning of the year, but you can set them at any time! Here’s our Musician’s Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals.

The article “Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals” by Ariel Hyatt on Cyber PR Music offers a comprehensive roadmap for musicians to set and achieve their career goals. Here’s a summary:

Goal Setting as a Roadmap

The article emphasizes the importance of goal setting for musicians, likening it to drawing a map for a journey. It’s designed to help musicians, whether hobbyists or full-time professionals, create a personal roadmap for their musical careers.

Mapping Out Your Goals

The article suggests writing down goals in various focus areas such as branding, marketing, social networking, music PR, booking, CD & downloads, money, film and TV placements, expanding fan base, team building, time management, writing & recording, instrument mastery, and personal health. It stresses the importance of writing goals in the present tense, setting realistic timelines, and ensuring they are self-reliant and motivating.

Techniques for Achieving Goals

  1. Start with an Easy Goal: Begin with a simple, achievable goal to build momentum.
  2. Make Lists to Stay on Track: Daily lists help prioritize tasks, with a recommendation to tackle the hardest task first.
  3. Keep Goals to Yourself: Inspired by Derek Sivers’ TED Talk, it suggests keeping your goals private to maintain motivation.
  4. Get Help: Building a support team, like getting an intern or a friend’s help, can be crucial.
  5. Set Aside Time for Goals: Allocating specific times for goal achievement is essential.
  6. Flexibility in Goals: Be open to modifying goals as circumstances change.
  7. Record Daily Successes: Writing down five small victories each day helps maintain a positive focus.

Final Advice: Be Kind to Yourself

The article concludes with a reminder that achieving goals is a year-long process and emphasizes the importance of self-kindness and celebrating achievements, rather than succumbing to self-criticism.

This guide provides a structured and thoughtful approach for musicians to set and achieve their goals, emphasizing the importance of planning, flexibility, and a positive mindset.

Source: Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals – Cyber PR Music

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