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Ready to make the most of social media as a musician for promotion and discovery? Here are 12 things you can do to start off on the right foot.

The article “12 Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician” by Bobby Borg on the Disc Makers Blog offers insightful advice for musicians looking to enhance their social media presence. Here’s a concise summary for your music business blog:

  1. Pick Your Platforms: Focus on mastering one or two social media platforms rather than spreading yourself too thin across many.
  2. Be Consistent: Maintain consistency in your content and username across different platforms for easier management and recognition.
  3. Set Up Your Social Profiles: Create engaging profiles with a clear bio, eye-catching profile pictures, and links to your music and other social media.
  4. Spotify for Artists: Utilize your Spotify profile effectively by adding an attractive banner, detailed bio, tour dates, merchandise store link, and social media links.
  5. What to Post: Share authentic content that resonates with your audience’s interests and opinions, and remember to entertain and engage.
  6. Figure Out What’s Working: Experiment with different content types and focus on what garners more engagement.
  7. Don’t Chase “Viral”: Stay true to your brand and avoid chasing viral trends that don’t align with your image.
  8. Don’t Delete Old Content: Keep your old content, as it can gain traction over time and provides a learning opportunity.
  9. Find Your Own “Best Practices”: Plan your content shoots carefully, considering aspects like clothing and location to support your brand.
  10. Don’t Get Hung Up on Your Gear: Quality content can be created with simple equipment like smartphones and basic lighting.
  11. Maximize Your Content Creation Time: Use “batching” to create a large amount of content in one go, saving time and maintaining a consistent posting schedule.
  12. Develop Long- and Short-Form Content: Balance between short, engaging content like TikTok videos and longer forms like traditional music videos.

This article provides a comprehensive guide for musicians to effectively use social media as a tool for promotion and engagement, emphasizing authenticity, consistency, and strategic content creation.

Source: Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician | Disc Makers

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