Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician (Part 1)

Ready to make the most of social media as a musician for promotion and discovery? Here are 12 things you can do to start off on the right foot.

The blog article titled “12 Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician” by Bobby Borg on Disc Makers Blog offers a comprehensive guide for musicians aiming to enhance their social media presence for promotion and discovery. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Pick Your Platforms: Focus on mastering one or two platforms rather than spreading yourself too thin across many.
  2. Be Consistent: Maintain consistency in content and usernames across platforms to make it easier for your audience to find and follow you.
  3. Set Up Your Social Profiles: Create engaging profiles with a creative bio, eye-catching profile pictures, and links to your music and other social media platforms.
  4. Spotify for Artists: Utilize Spotify’s features for artists to create an attractive profile with a detailed bio, tour dates, merch store links, and curated playlists.
  5. What to Post: Share authentic content that resonates with your audience’s interests and engages them through entertainment and interaction.
  6. Figure Out What’s Working: Experiment with different content types and focus on what garners the most positive engagement.
  7. Don’t Chase “Viral”: Stay true to your brand and avoid compromising your authenticity for viral content.
  8. Don’t Delete Old Content: Learn from content that didn’t perform well instead of deleting it, as it might gain traction later.
  9. Find Your Own “Best Practices”: Plan your content creation meticulously, from shoot locations to the script, to maintain brand consistency.
  10. Don’t Get Hung Up on Your Gear: Utilize affordable and accessible equipment without compromising the quality of your content.
  11. Maximize Your Content Creation Time: Use batching to create a large volume of content in one go, saving time and maintaining a consistent posting schedule.
  12. Develop Long- and Short-Form Content: Balance the creation of both long-form and short-form content to cater to different audience preferences and platform requirements.

The article emphasizes the importance of authenticity, consistency, and strategic content creation in building a strong social media presence as a musician.

Source: Ways to Up Your Social Media Game as a Musician | Disc Makers

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